08-10/11/2021, online

FUTURE TALKS 021 - the digital one - Smart solutions in the conservation of the modern

FUTURE TALKS 021 focuses on smart and intelligent solutions, both in the development, production and the preservation of modern design and contemporary art.

How is our material environment changing, both from a technological point of view and in the area of the functional, and what impact does this have on elementary decisions in the museum context (collection policy, conservation strategies, restoration methods ...)?

It is more important than ever to develop smart conservation concepts that on the one hand do justice to the object and on the other hand leave the scope for reversible measures open as far as possible.

Smart advances in this field, addressing technology, design and production processes, new and innovative treatment and analysis methods as well as current conservation research and ongoing projects are very welcome.

In order to foster lively and interdisciplinary dialogue we invite submissions from conservators, conservation scientists, designers, architects, artists, curators, collectors, engineers and design and art producers.

As we are aiming to create a dynamic event, the format of the presentations need not be a plenary talk. Ideas for workshops and panel discussions are of interest.

The detailed CALL FOR PAPERS can be found at: https://dnstdm.de/en/future-talks-021-call-for-papers/

The detailed conference programme and further information on fees and registration will be posted in spring 2021.