04 november 2020

6th International Virtual Meeting on Retouching of Cultural heritage (RECH6)

This year, the 6th International Meeting on Retouching of Cultural heritage (RECH6) will take place virtually on 4th and 5th November 2021. RECH6 is a collaboration between the RECH Group and the Instituto de Restauración del Patrimonio (IRP) of the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.


Scholars and independent researchers are invited to submit proposals for:
- Communication with a 15 minute online presentation.
- Poster presentation with a 4 minute online presentation, Flash Talks.

For both proposals authors must focus on one of the following topics:
• Contemporary criteria on chromatic reintegration
• Chromatic reintegration: museums and private context
• Documentation of chromatic reintegration process
• Materials and techniques experiences
• Matching Colours
• Digital technologies as resources for the chromatic reintegration process
• Algorithms and artificial intelligence in chromatic reintegration projects

Once the abstracts have been accepted, the authors will be called to prepare their presentations for the conference days and to write the full paper, which has not been accepted in any other conference or publication.

Full papers will be published through Editorial UPV and will be reviewed in a double-blind peer review process by the conference scientific committee. The conference proceedings will include ISBN and doi.

The conference proceedings will be published according to the UPV´s open access policy for the entire public under a creative commons use license that facilitates its consultation and reuse, always acknowledging authorship.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is June 30th, 2021.
The deadline for the submission of full papers is December 31st, 2021.

SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: The authors can access to the submission website here: http://ocs.editorial.upv.es/index.php/RECH/RECH6/login?source=%2Findex.p...

AUTHORS GUIDELINES: http://ocs.editorial.upv.es/index.php/RECH/RECH6/schedConf/cfp

CONFERENCE INFORMATION: http://ocs.editorial.upv.es/index.php/RECH/RECH6


02/12/2021, Namur - Belgium
Journée d’étude Jeudi 2 décembre 2021. organisée par l’AWaP - Direction de la Formation et le Comité Patrimoine et Histoire de la FABI. [Meer]
18-19/11/2021, Brussels - Belgium
BRK-APROA heeft beslist het BRK-APROA Colloquium 2021 uit te stellen naar 21-22 april 2022. Gezien de ernst van deze COVID19-crisis was dit de enige mogelijke beslissing. [Meer]
08-10/11/2021, Amersfoort - The Netherlands
Ook dit jaar organiseert De Kunstkliniek in samenwerking met ARA Nederland een workshop door Paolo Cremonesi voor gevorderde gebruikers van de Wolbers’ methode (gel en/of emulsies). De toenmalige vijfdaagse workshop is nu in twee verdeeld en ieder deel duurt nu drie dagen. Dit eerste deel, “Emulsions for Surface Cleaning and Removal of Film-Forming Materials” zal gehouden worden in de Amershof te Amersfoort, (Snouckaertlaan 11 (zijstraat Stationsstraat), 3811 MA, Amersfoort), op 8, 9 en 10 November 2021. [Meer]
08-10/11/2021, online
FUTURE TALKS 021 focuses on smart and intelligent solutions, both in the development, production and the preservation of modern design and contemporary art. [Meer]


31 juli 2021
Contactpunten getroffen erfgoed en oproep aan vrijwilligers. [Meer]
30 mei 2021
BRK-APROA heeft beslist het BRK-APROA Colloquium 2021 uit te stellen naar 21-22 april 2022. Gezien de ernst van deze COVID19-crisis was dit de enige mogelijke beslissing. [Meer]
19 maart 2021
Algemene Vergadering van BRK-APROA op op maandag 31 mei - virtueel [Meer]
29 januari 2021
Net zoals in Spanje in 2012 (Ecce Homo) en in 2018 (Sint-Joris) en recentelijk in andere Europese landen, heeft België zojuist een rampzalige erfgoedtragedie meegemaakt in Bergen/Mons. [Meer]
30 september 2020
However this very challenging year, E.C.C.O. recommends that celebrations are carried out virtually. Dissemination will be achieved through national and ECCO’s social media. [Meer]