L' APROA-BRK est l'Association Professionnelle de Conservateurs-Restaurateurs d'Oeuvres d'Art ASBL.

Nous regroupons 136 Conservateurs - Restaurateurs belges.
Vous trouverez dans nos pages plus d'informations sur notre profession ainsi que la liste de nos membres suivant leur spécialité.
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01/12/2016, Tours - France
Questions de restauration et de conservation des œuvres [Plus]
07-09/12/2016, Leuven - Belgium
The workshop is designed for all the actors involved in the care, exhibition and loan process of panel paintings: from the conservators and depot managers in charge of framing and making enclosures to curators, registrars, and collections managers that follow the painting on loan. The workshops focuses in equipping all these actors with the knowledge and tools for dealing with the preventive conservation of panel paintings. [Plus]
23-28/01/2017, Berlin - Germany
The Textile Conservation Workshop of the Museum fuer Islamische Kunst, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, invites Richard Wolbers for two intensive workshops aimed at textiles conservators and restorers interested in new wet cleaning methods for textiles. [Plus]
25-28/01/2017, New York - United States
Professor Piero Baglioni from the University of Florence will introduce nano-based protocols for conservation that he and his colleagues developed at the Center for Colloid and Surface Science (CSGI) in Florence. These systems include nanostructured dispersions, such as nanoparticles, micellar solutions, microemulsions, and responsive gel formulations. [Plus]


28 octobre 2016
Vacature metaalrestaurator voor het autonome Provinciebedrijf Museum voor Edelsmeedkunst, Juwelen en Diamant (Provincie Antwerpen). [Plus]
12 octobre 2016
Lisez le dernier numéro du Bulletin, le magazine des conservateurs-restaurateurs d'œvres d'art [Plus]
14 août 2016
Choix et dilemmes en conservation-restauration. En novembre 2017 aura lieu le 9ème colloque APROA-BRK. Le Call for Papers est ouvert. [Plus]
24 mars 2016
Le samedi 7 mai Jean-Marc Gdalewitch organise une visite de l’exposition vitrail à Charleroi. [Plus]